CASE STUDY: Grey Technology

CASE STUDY: Grey Technology

Grey Technology


As a rapidly expanding business, Gtech needed reliable suppliers to support their ongoing success. In addition to excellent service and products, this required further strategies to make company expansion as smooth as possible.

“We needed efficient ways to forecast our future requirements,” explains Emma Lambert, Purchasing Assistant at Gtech. “At the same time, our previous supplier had caused us a range of problems. The quality was poor, the invoicing structure didn’t make sense and account manager prices were different to what was actually on the invoice. This meant that our account was always on hold and we had to rely on our backup supplier.”

“We had also had very little support. Their accounts department was based in another country and seemed to have no communication with the UK sales team. Invoices would appear too frequently and we would have to call and email many times to deal with issues. It was very frustrating.”

“It took slightly over 12 months to resolve the invoices that were in dispute and it turned out that our previous supplier owed us over £700!”


“Our previous supplier had to go, so we relied on our backup supplier until we found Ardent,” Emma continues. “My life is much easier now and we’ve never had to use our backup since.”

Gtech managed to consolidate their supplier list by sourcing a wide range of products through Ardent, as well as revolutionising internal processes and eliminating waste administration. “The most important thing was the right price,” Emma says, “and, having so many issues before, we have to make sure the invoices are right and the after sales service is great.”

“Ardent simply asked what we wanted, so I knew we would get good quality products and customised invoices that suit our requirements. They were very helpful. The ordering service is ideal too; I can add items to our cart anytime and they remain selected until we’re ready to order.”

Ardent also provides regular reports which help Gtech forecast for the following year. “The reports give me figures for departmental budgets,” Emma explains. “These can be as detailed as I need them to be – from usage and spend by each department or cost centre, to exactly what has been purchased by each individual. We choose to have the reports presented to us by our Account Manager during our reviews, which are held to suit our needs and timescales. Our Account Manager is also regularly in contact with me: to make sure we’re happy with everything and keep us up to date with the latest products and promotions. It’s never a call to ask about the next order.”


“Ardent have taken a lot of email correspondence out of my role, making my life much easier,” Emma says. “I wouldn’t change back. We always have the same Account Manager dealing with everything. He’s really good and he’s always there.”

“Our previous supplier was never bothered if we had any queries, whereas Ardent provide a personal and very responsive account management service. Issues only ever occur with the manufacturers, but these are very rare and Ardent arrange credit and complimentary items right away.”

“Now I finally have what I want from an office supplies company.”

  • Instant improvement in service levels with a dedicated account manager working behind the scenes for a smooth transition and on-going management
  • Provided with an invoicing solution that worked for Gtech’s individual requirements – no invoices have been put in query since working with Ardent.
  • Consolidated supplier list – removing the need for a backup supplier and subsequent additional administration.
  • Regular, meaningful account reviews that seek to make savings year-on-year for Gtech and offering further insight into budget setting for the future.
  • Online ordering platform that reduces administration and speeds up purchase order authorisation.
  • Future-planning to ensure that Ardent can provide Gtech with the information that it needs; allowing Ardent to offer service levels as Gtech rapidly expand.