CASE STUDY: Mistubishi Motor Co

CASE STUDY: Mistubishi Motor Co

Mistubishi Motor Co


In 2000, CCR Motor Co implemented a new business strategy, meaning that sales more than doubled in the following five years. This caused higher supply costs and an increase in administrative work for the head office, where each dealership’s budget is set and monitored.

“Even though we didn’t realise it at the time, the service our previous supplier provided had an unnecessarily high impact on our budget,” explains Lyndsey Smith, Group Marketing Coordinator at CCR Motor Co. “Ardent approached us and their pricing convinced us. We saw a chance to save a lot of money.”


“Ardent also offered an easier way for head office to control each dealership’s spending,“ Lyndsey adds, “so we decided to switch. The process of changing suppliers went very smoothly.”

CCR Motor Co managed to consolidate their supplier list by sourcing a vast range of products through Ardent. “We can now easily add products to the ordering pad, and if there is a product Ardent don’t already stock, they will find it for us. It’s a service that a lot of other suppliers don’t offer,” Lyndsey says.

Crucially, CCR Motor Co was able to revolutionise internal processes and eliminate wasted administration with Ardent’s help. “The ordering process was optimised. Now, each dealership can make orders independently and according to their specific needs within the product range the company previously authorised for them. The head office account team then approves each order, which means we have better control of spending.”

“Because the price for all the products we order is fixed, we can now plan for budgets going forward based on the order pad pricing,” Lyndsey explains. “Ardent also provide our accounts team with regular pricing reviews and always ensure every product and service is delivered quickly and professionally.”


“Ardent’s personal approach to customer service is outstanding. It is really helpful having a dedicated account manager who knows me and the requirements of our company, rather than having to ring a call centre, where you never know who you will talk to. Ardent are always approachable and make absolutely sure evereything is in order – at all times,” says Lyndsey.

“With Ardent, it all runs so smoothly that we never actually need to contact them independently. It just works!”

  • Instant savings through competitive pricing while having access to a vast range of products
  • Fixed pricing on ordering pad helps set future budgets for CCR Motor Co
  • Regular account reviews ensure spending is transparent
  • Easy use of ordering pad for each dealership and authorisation of product range and orders through head office eliminate overspending and wasted administration
  • Products are supplied in a reliable fashion and, if not in stock, sourced by a dedicated team
  • Excellent customer service and dedicated account manager ensure everything runs smoothly