CASE STUDY: Tayntons Solicitors

CASE STUDY: Tayntons Solicitors

Tayntons Solicitors


After a decade with their previous supplier, Tayntons wanted to assess the market for alternative solutions. As a well- established law rm, the key factors were stable pricing and excellent service.

“We noticed prices were going up on a regular basis,” explains Stacey Grainger, Accounts Manager at Tayntons. “The cost of paper increased particularly – which as you can imagine, we use frequently – so we were unable to meet our budgets consistently.”

“We had always received a good service before, but we wanted a nd a new supplier that not only offered a great service but could offer pricing stability as well”.” “We had used a national legal stationer for years and we were unsure whether a local supplier could help us meet our objectives, but Ardent were a pleasant surprise”


Ardent not only managed to make signi cant savings that addressed Tayntons’ budgetary requirements: they also offered access to products that were not available to Tayntons before. “The main objective was to reduce costs on various items to within a set budget,” Stacey says. “Ardent made a very good pitch and reduced our overall stationery costs, as well as offering alternative products we previously didn’t have budget for. We weren’t considering printed stationery, but we ended up including it because the price was right. I found the reporting function was a very useful tool as well.”
“Ardent’s review procedure was transparent and made the evaluation process simple. By reviewing our entire basket of products, they highlighted instances of where we’d been paying over retail price - I wasn’t aware that my previous supplier had in ated their RRPs” Stacey says. “It was evident that my previous supplier offered some cheap prices on the core list and were over- zealous on the backend where we weren’t looking”. In addition to lowering costs, Ardent offered a higher level of service that saved time and effort for Tayntons. “Everything is printed and delivered on time, we can take advantage of economies of scale and call off the products when we need them” Stacey continues. “The customer service and products we receive are very, very good. Changing to Ardent was simple – our account manager set up our online system for us, and they really do look after their customers.”


“The quality of the products is superior and we manage to keep our budget stable with low prices,” Stacey says. “Our account manager is very helpful – he visits regularly to go through the stats, broken down by department, that help us meet our objectives, and I’m able to ask for extra reports online. Things change all the time and Ardent work with us to meet our requirements.”

“Ardent’s own brand range is extensive and by working with our account manager, we have been able to reduce spend signi cantly in key areas by switching to own brand items not available through our previous supplier,” Stacey adds. “Our account manager’s knowledge is second to none and if he thinks there is an opportunity to switch, he will provide me with samples to trial before we go live.”

“Ardent has a can do attitude, even supplying products you wouldn’t normally ask for. They focus on customer service very well, which really helps because everything gets done without you having to chase or worry about it.”


Purchase Analysis Audit Outcome:

  • Highlighted pricing fluctuation in products invoiced across the 3 months.
  • Showed products being invoiced at more than RRP
  • Showed a 22% saving against the incumbent supplier on a like for like product basis


  • Initial consultation to determine timescale and the customers individual requirements
  • 4 stage implementation roll out process incorporating training, meet & greet, invoice layout and frequency, “Go Live” date.

Online ordering incorporating budget and user restrictions:

  • Orders processed, labelled and distributed by department.
  • Enforcement of departmental order budgets with ability to authorise by department manager.
  • Individual department fast contract order pads.

Multiple supplier consolidation

  • Provide stock control, distribution and replenishment of all printed stationery eliminating the need internally to manage and hold stock
  • Consolidation of multiple verticals reducing environmental impact
  • 46% reduction in administration costs of invoice payments and deliveries.