Ardent Business Group recognises that climate change is a serious global problem and as a business we are committed to managing our environmental responsibilities and minimising our contribution to climate change. Since 2012 we have been part of the Carbon Smart programme who work with us to set guidelines, evaluate performance and help us take our sustainability performance to the next level. This has helped us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint and in 2015 we were awarded the Carbon Smart Gold accreditation.

These are just some of the steps we have taken to reduce our environmental impact.

  • 'Switch off' lighting policy throughout the office and warehouse.
  • Reorganising the office space to reduce lighting and heating requirements.
  • Introducing deadband zones for temperature control.
  • Exterior sensor lighting
  • Increasing recycling rate
  • Reducing paper consumption through issuing electronic paperwork where possible.
  • Ensuring all IT is switched off overnight and at weekends.
  • Increasing the amount of electronic marketing and cutting down on paper wastage.
  • Upgrading servers to more energy efficient models
  • Reducing the number of total deliveries

By continuing to work together with all our staff, suppliers and customers and keeping them aware of our carbon reduction programme performance, we are confident we can continue to achieve our environmental objectives for years to come.